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Sonic experiences created by artists to start or deepen your meditation practice.

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Soundworks is partnering with the Spatial Sound Institute (SSI) and 4DSOUND to bring spatialized sound compositions made for 64-channel audio into the app.
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Soundworks is partnering with digital creativity festival MUTEK to explore ways to elevate the role of listening in society and foster our wellbeing.
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Timeless techniques meet modern sound design.

Soundworks combines various meditative disciplines with the precision and clarity of modern electronic sound design. Building on a decade of experimentation in immersive media experience and psychoacoustic research, Soundworks offers a uniquely honed sound palette to enhance the quality of your daily meditations.
Electronic sound and meditation

Created by artists, grounded in neuroscience.

Soundworks offers sound meditations and listening sessions designed to enable clarity, insight and calm. Our artists, experienced meditators in their own right, take cues from the neuroscience of sound and aesthetic perception to create unique experiences in auditory mindfulness.
The artists behind Soundworks

Your space to cultivate inner and outer inquiry.

The Soundworks app includes a new daily sound every day as well as courses, extended sessions and conversations. Courses touch upon scientific, artistic or philosophical themes with a contemplative spirit. In conversations, we involve artists, scientists or thinkers to discuss meditation, science, music and health.
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Begin a daily meditation practice with us and track your progress. Hear and feel the difference that designed sound can deliver to your sense of mental clarity and wellbeing.
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What people say

Store reviews
“I have tried meditating in the past with rather unimpressive results. This time, I was completely immersed in myself with the sound. I felt warm, focused and safe.”
— Pierri
“This app has been fundamental for me in dealing with insomnia, and I would like to tell you that you have done a phenomenal job.”
— Rahema
“Deep and embracing sound, it made me feel in a space with its own dimensions.”
— Alexander
“I am a family doctor and I use Soundworks in my practice to help patients in many aspects of their journey towards the healthy state they desire.”
— Mary
“I was having a lot of racing thoughts since yesterday and this helped ground me again.”
— Adam
“Very much enjoyed learning about my default thinking mode. The addition of scientific explanations to hearing and brain function is what attracts me to this project.”
— Veronica
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Electronic Sound Meditation: Origins and New Directions

In this article, we take a look at sound meditation from its origins in various spiritual traditions to the most recent developments in the interplay between neuroscience and modern sound design.
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