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Harmonic Life

In this 7-day course, composer, conductor and former music director of Shakespeare Globe Theatre Bill Barclay takes us on a journey through the very nature of sound and music. Bill explores the identity between rhythm and pitch, the simple mathematical ratios underpinning any sound in nature and finds traces of the harmonic series in places you would never have guessed to look. Drawing from mathematics, physics, astronomy, mythology and musicology, Bill demonstrates the elegant and profound connections between our emotional response to music and the fundamental laws of the universe.

Cosmic Reflections

In this course, astrophysicist Alberto Pepe takes us on a contemplative exploration of the cosmos. Taking off from Earth, our minuscule spaceship brimming with life, he takes us to the Sun, across our solar system, and the confines of space and time. The purpose of his course is to help us gain a cosmic perspective, to contemplate the smallness and fragility of our lives in front of the grandiosity and scale of the universe.

Hear Better, Feel Better

In the third of our Conversations series, we spoke with Robyn Landau and Katherine Templar-Lewis of Kinda Studios. We discuss why cross-disciplinary thinking sheds new, evidence-based insights on how art and creativity affect us, and how this can be applied to foster deeper sense of personal meaning and social and environmental connection, as well as improving the efficacy of health interventions and the power of the art and entertainment we enjoy.