MUTEK x Soundworks: Sound Is the Object

June 30, 2021
Minute Read

We're excited to announce that Soundworks and MUTEK are partnering to co-present new meditative works from two artists. The tracks will feature on the Soundworks app as part of our daily sound meditation series. In combination with this, we will hold a panel entitled "Sound is the Object: Creative Approaches to Mindful Sonic Experiences" during the MUTEK FORUM 2021, (Tuesday August 24th - Thursday September 2nd) to delve into the artist’s work from  both neuroscientific and creative perspectives.

Meditation can be defined as a quality of attention on sensory input in a state of physical relaxation, in order to limit our engagement in spontaneously arising thoughts and mental narratives. The aim is to let in more of what is present in our spatio-temporal sphere of awareness, enabling us to recognize habitual patterns of thinking, provide creative inspiration, and ultimately refresh our perspective on how we perceive the world. 

Meditative traditions have customarily used the breath or bodily sensations as objects of mindfulness. Auditory phenomena, however, are just as effective, and particular sounds developed for the purpose of meditation can be used as powerful tools for self-inquiry. 

In this panel, we ask ourselves a single question: 

How can sound be most meaningfully and efficiently used in meditation?

To explore potential answers, we will discuss the neuroscience of perception and cognition, specifically our auditory perception, and the neural underpinnings of attention and focus with neuroscientist Lukas Volz, head of the Network Plasticity Lab at the University of Cologne. 

Artists working with meditative and functional music composition will then present pieces of music intentionally designed to sustain the listener’s attention, while ensuring the physical and mental calm that is a necessary ground for meditative experiences. This will be followed with an open discussion about their inspiration and creative approach towards the works.

Sound Is The Object: Creating Mindful Sonic Experiences featuring Lukas Volz, John Connell and two artists to be announced in discussion will stream as part of the MUTEK Forum 7 program on August 25th, 8.45pm CEST. The audio recording of the panel will feature in Soundworks shortly thereafter.

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