A brief history of us

We are a small team of artists, designers, technologists and scientists with a fierce belief that the quality of our attention underpins our very notion of reality and influences every aspect of how we think, feel and communicate.
Profile picture - Quentin.

Quentin Notte

Founder & Staff Producer

Quentin is the founder of Soundworks. He was previously the VP of Growth at Sighten, an Obvious Ventures company. He holds an MS in nuclear engineering from the University of Brussels and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He produces and releases techno as Sentient.
Profile picture - Pierre.

Pierre Alvan

Co-founder, Engineering

Pierre is a full-stack software engineer with extensive web and mobile experience. Before Soundworks, Pierre was a staff engineer at Hipcamp, an online land sharing marketplace based in San Francisco, CA. He holds an MSc from SUPINFO in Paris, France.
Profile picture - John.

John Connell


John Connell is a Berlin-based composer and writer with 15 years experience working on brand strategy for the likes of Netflix, Red Bull and the Nike Foundation. The former creative director of 4DSOUND, he has given lectures on sound experiences at Goldsmiths University of London, SXSW and many multimedia festivals. He is a board member of the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.
Profile picture - Will.

William Herman

Staff Producer

William is a producer and sound collector based in Berlin. He releases music as Billy Caso and is currently working on his debut full length album. He has collaborated with artists of the like of Acid Pauli and performed tours as Billy Caso in the US, Asia, Africa and all over Europe.
Profile picture - Nina.

Nina Viggi

Product Design Advisor

Nina is a designer with a deep background in software product development. Previously, she spearheaded UX research at Uber, and she has worked as a designer for GE, Capital One and Boeing. She holds a BA in architectural studies from UCLA and an MS in industrial design from Art Center in LA.
Profile picture - Lukas.

Lukas Volz

Scientific Advisor

Lukas is a clinical neuroscientist and head of the Network Plasticity Lab at the University of Cologne, where he investigates neural plasticity and the reorganization of human brain networks using neurostimulation and neuroimaging. Lukas got his MD and PhD at the Ruhr-University in Germany and postdoc experience at the Max Planck Institute and UC Santa Barbara.
Ebi Atawodi mugshot

Ebi Atawodi

Product Advisor

Ebi is currently a director of product at Google and builds Youtube's creative partner for creators. Previously, she was a a director of product at Netflix and led the EMEA team on the global growth product org. She also led the development of payments and financial products at Uber. She has an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College London and a BA in electrical engineering from Nottingham University.
Paul Oomen mugshot

Paul Oomen

Content Advisor

Paul Oomen is a sound researcher, composer, curator and inventor. He founded 4DSOUND, the Spatial Sound Institute, and the Works. Paul has produced and curated over a hundred spatial sound performances worldwide, in collaboration with numerous internationally acclaimed artists, festivals, and institutions such as the Red Bull Music Academy, Google I/O and Apple Music.
Kristen Brophy mugshot

Kristen Brohpy

Marketing Advisor

Kristen is a senior marketing director in with the National Basketball Association (NBA) where she works on digital content and products. She was previously in content and product marketing roles at Uber and Square. She has a BA in literature from UC Berkeley.
Andrea Aicardi mugshot

Andrea Aicardi

Growth Advisor

Andrea is currently the VP of Growth at Neosensory, a haptic device company headed by Stanford neuroscientist and critically acclaimed author David Eagleman. Previously, Andrea led growth at iCracked, leading to the company’s acquisition by Squaretrade in 2020. He has a BA from Bocconi in Milan and an MBA from MIT Sloan.
Mo Kudeki headshot

Mo Kudeki

Event Producer

Mo is a techno producer and DJ based in the Bay Area, where she has been a leading voice in the underground music community for the past decade, focused on platforming women and queer artists. She releases music as Kudeki, most recently on LA’s Delusional Records and Berlin’s W133 Records. At Soundworks, Mo spearheads our event series, Endzeit.