Why meditate on sound?

We believe that sound is a much easier gateway towards meditation. Most of us have an affinity with sound and music that can be leveraged to induce and support meditative states. We believe Soundworks has the power to help millions build and develop a meditation practice much more naturally and easily. We also believe that hearing, by its capacity to suggest memories, images and emotional states, is a powerful tool for inner and outer discovery.

Why electronic music?

Most meditation music we hear today uses the same usual acoustic instruments: gongs, singing bowls, crystals, etc. We think that the virtual infinity of timbres and textures we can generate with modern sound design is still a largely untapped resource for sound meditation. Moreover, while some existing meditation music is tasteful, most of what we hear around today does not really cut it for those who have a deeper and more exploratory relationship with sound and music.

Why artists and not AI?

We find the prospect of meditating on algorithmic soundscapes optimized for our taste—where we end up in an insulated sonic echo chamber perfectly calibrated for ourselves—unsatisfactory, to say the least. We think that music is communication and dialogue between a musician and an audience. In other words we think that meditation music should be art. We consider our audience as curious and creative people who are excited about the process of mutual discovery and resonance that is art.

Will I know which artist made which track?

In addition to our staff producers, we will communicate about other artists contributing to the Soundworks project, but we will likely keep daily sounds anonymous in the app. The reason is we do not want the artist name to affect the quality of the meditation experience. This is similar to the reason why the track title is de-emphasized in the app, so as to let the sound speak for itself.

What’s your data policy?

We will never use your data for commercial purposes. We will never sell ads. If you give us your consent, we will exclusively share your data on an anonymized basis with partnering academic institutions studying the neurology of music and meditation. Research programs and findings will be posted on our website.

Why a subscription?

We strongly believe that the internet needs to evolve away from free, ad-supported services like those offered by Google and Facebook. That’s why we charge a subscription. The bulk of our revenue supports our producers and artists featured in Soundworks.

I have more questions!

Ask away, we respond to all queries.