.VRIL: Memory, an Extended Session

January 21, 2022
Minute Read

Soundworks is excited to present a collaboration with leading techno artist Vril. Developed over a four-month period of reflective exchange, Vril crafted Memory, a contemplative musical journey inspired by subconscious memory formation and retrieval processes in the brain. The session is designed to allow listeners to meditate on the relationship between memory and emotions, observing how subtle sonic cues can bring about distant or intangible memories, and their associated emotional valence. 

For this piece, Vril created long sustained and slowly-evolving tones where he interweaved his signature melodic motifs, wrung and blended into uniquely dense and rich textural layers. The result is a nearly holographic experience, where subtle emotions can emerge at the edge of consciousness in the listener. Reflecting random and subconscious memory retrieval processes, tonal patterns carrying feelings emerge from their reflection and refraction in noise, mutate and dissolve into each other. 

The piece will be available in Soundworks as an Extended Session, as well as separate Daily Sounds, and will be accompanied by a Conversation with Vril on the topics of music, meditation, and his creative process on the project.

Check out Memory and our Conversation with Vril in Soundworks (links work on mobile only)

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