Thresholds of Perception: An Experimental Listening Course by Rrose

August 20, 2021
Minute Read

Soundworks is excited to present a collaboration with iconic sound designer and pioneering techno artist Seth Horvitz, aka Rrose. Developed over a six-month period of reflective exchange, experimentation and iteration, Horvitz crafted Thresholds of Perception, an experimental listening course including four exclusive compositions designed to induce deep meditative states in the listener.

Photo by Robert Causari

Thresholds of Perception draws on Horvitz’s intensive study of musical theory and the effects of acoustic phenomena on the mind of the listener. Each of the sessions works with a specific technique, conveyed through Horvitz’s singular sound aesthetic, but stripped to the bare essentials. By revealing the limits between perceivable acoustic forms ─ the frequency at which the perception of rhythm becomes one of tone, as an example ─ the listener gains a direct experience of their own auditory cognition at work and a glimpse into the liminal states of awareness that reside between the perceivable and the imaginable.

With each session introduced by Horvitz outlining his intent and approach, Thresholds of Perception is an experimental take on the established approach to guided sound meditation. Recommended for both fans of Rrose’s signature sound design and listeners ready to explore as yet uncharted inner territories!

Thresholds of Perception will be available in the Soundworks app from October 30th, 2021.

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